GuruDM provides an option for a Android (4.0+) device to change the prices on the signs. The add-on must be purchased at the time of sale to ensure proper configuration.

With the app enabled, the price sign will transmit a Wifi signal that your device can connect to. After connecting, a Static IP must be set to, with a subnet of Please consult the Android forums for configuration instructions for your particular device.

After installing the GuruDM GPU app, it must be configured. Click Add to specify the appropriate IP address and port.

By default, the address will be and the IP port is 5200. Click OK after entering the address values.

Next, you can set the prices by going to the Price tab. Press send to set the values on the sign. The APP does require the decimal to be placed in the correct location.

On the brightness tab, you can use the app to set the brightness for each face, or alternatively, set the maximum brightness for the automatic light sensor. As you change the values, the sign will adjust.