The CPower5200 controller is used by GuruDM for Full Color RGB signs. It is typically located on the right side of the display, and the data stream cascades from the left. Each port on the hub-card supports one lines of modules, allowing the controller to control up to eight lines of modules. The controller's default IP address is or

The software used to program messages to the sign is Guru3.1. The guide for using Guru3.1 can be downloaded here.

The controller uses the LEDTool program to adjust the parameters of the controller. The display, IP address, brightness scheduling, and power on / power off can be set.

The CommonLMS zip file contains most of the common display parameters, when using the LEDTool.

In order to make changes, click Advanced. The password, when prompted, is 26888

The CPower Tool program is used to update the firmware for the controller.

The Current Firmware can be downloaded and sent to the controller using the CPower tool. When updating the firmware, the password will be 26888.\

Occasionally, a controller my appear with an invalid MAC address. The symptom of this is a sign that will not communicate through the wireless system, but will communicate direct wired with a ethernet cable. The MacWrite tool can be used to write a new valid MAC address to the controller.